Mysterious Teardrop

Summer 2014.

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I’ve been waiting for something like this, something like a storm.

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"Now… we are free, right? Now I can really see this beautiful sky"

I get to think on these words when I see this picture.. they are free now? 

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"Run, run for it, run for your own pride.."

"Yes, I’m"

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Reblog if you have watched any of these!


How many have you seen? I’ve seen…

-Fairy Tail

-Attack on Titan (SNK)

-Sword Art Online

-One Piece

-Angel Beats!


-Death Note

-Shaman King


-Kill la Kill

-Black Cat

-Blue Exorcist

-Durarara!! (Drrr!!)

-PowerPuff Girls Z

-Dragon Ball

-Dragon Ball Z

-Fullmetal Alchemist


-Soul Eater

-Psyren (Manga)

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